Results – Footscray Handicap Race #7

Results – FACC Handicap Race #7

Another great turnout today with 13 paddlers for today’s monthly handicap race held this morning at Footscray. The usual Melbourne wind seemed to blow in no direction other than head-on, ensuring times were a bit down on usual and allowing paddlers like yours trully to blame something other than my poor paddling fitness and balance – but we all still had fun.

1st – 54:53 – K1 – Joshua Chambers
2nd – 54:54 – K1 – Matt Long
3rd – 59:25 – K1 – Annette Scott (PB) – first sub 60mins. Nice work Annette!
4th – 68:00 – TK1 – Ben Pomroy (PB)
5th – 85:43 – SKS1 – Steve Fryer
6th – 53:42 – K1 – Leigh Newberry
7th – 48:50 – K1 – Dom Scarfe
8th – 57:00 – SSL1 – Peter Pelns
9th – 58:30 – K1 – Chris de Luis
10th – 51:46 – K2 – Cameron Grose & Dean Sullivan
11th – 54:12 – K1 – Mick Donovan
12th – 62:43 – K1 – Gerard Oman

Thanks to Neil for managing the race.

Handicap races are scheduled throughout the year, are raced over 10kms, usually on a Sun morning, and are open to all members and guests. Since it’s a handicap it matters not how good you are against others, but how good you are against yourself. Handicap races cost nothing and are a great way of improving on your times without the formalities of a race. There just that extra incentive when someone is chasing you up to the line…

Look out for notifications in the ‘Future Events’ link on the home page or check the calendar for future handicap races.