Results – Footscray Handicap Race #8

Results – FACC Handicap Race #8

Ordinary weather did not deter the strong-willed, persistant and some would say mildly crazy paddlers from taking on today’s 10km time trial. Winds of 50km/h with gusts up to 70km/h frustrated those who paddled, not only due to its strength but because it consistenly blew across our path, with those gusts ensuring everyone remained on their toes, so to speak.

Some pretty good times were achieved given the conditions:

Place  Paddler(s Time   Class  Handicap  Actual Time                               
1 Dean Sullivan 69:32 K1


2 Matt Long 69:34 K1 14:00 55:34  
3 Stew Nicol, Gayle Burke 70:30 TK2 9:00 61:30  
4 Chris de Luis 70:44 K1 13:00 57:44  
5 Neil White 70:45 TK1 4:00 66:45  
6 Leigh Newberry 71:07 K1 17:00 54:07  
7 Peter Pelns 74:42 SSL1 13:00 61:42  
8 Terri Hynes 72:00 TK1 1:00 71:00  
9 Josh Chambers, Cam Grose 81:03 K2 26:25 54:38 missed start by 6:25
10 Lisa Newton 87:32 K1 1:00 86:32  
11 Don Campbell 97:30 K1 4:00 93:30  
12 Annette Scott DNS K1 9:00 N/A  











Thanks to Ben Poole for timing.

Handicap races are scheduled throughout the year, are raced over 10kms, usually on a Sun morning, and are open to all members and guests. Since it’s a handicap it matters not how good you are against others, but how good you are against yourself. Handicap races cost nothing and are a great way of improving on your times without the formalities of a race. There just that extra incentive when someone is chasing you up to the line…

Look out for notifications in the ‘Future Events’ link on the home page or check the calendar for future handicap races.